No need to wait for hours or bow respectfully

KUALA LUMPUR: Youth and Sports Minister Hannah Yeoh stressed that she and her deputy, Adam Adli Abdul Halim do not need excessive protocol at the ministry, with the staff having to stand and wait for them for hours to welcome them besides bowing in respect.

Hannah said, instead, it was sufficient for the Ministry of Youth and Sports (KBS) personnel to implement and ensure the success of whatever had been agreed at the meetings.

“That will suffice and will be a sign that you respect us. Every one of our policies and programmes must be data-driven initiatives so as to be effective for our target groups or stakeholders,” she said in her first message to the KBS staff after six weeks of heading the ministry.

She also called for an increase in low-cost programmes that can have a big impact on the majority of people, especially in rural areas and at the grassroots level.

Hannah also called on the ministry’s personnel to reduce programmes on Sundays so that they will have time to rest and spend with their families. – Bernama