Arctic summer-sea ice covers less than half the area it did in early 1980s and may not last to 2100

A new study out of Columbia University determined that summer sea ice in ‘the Last Ice Area‘ now covers half the space it did 40 years ago.  The 1,200-mile region north of Greenland and the Canadian Arctic archipelago has historically been covered in ice year-round, but rising temperatures fueled by climate change are causing even … Read more

New Zealand pizza chain tells Greta Thunberg to ‘go to hell’ after she slammed Jacinda Ardern

Popular pizza chain takes aim at eco-warrior Greta Thunberg after the teenager slammed Jacinda Ardern for ‘not doing anything’ about global warming New Zealand company Hell Pizza told eco-warrior Greta Thunberg to ‘go to hell’ The company placed billboards in Thunberg’s hometown of Stockholm, Sweden Created to show company’s offer of 100 per cent carbon … Read more

Champagne vines given room to grow as rule demanding distance between plants is scrapped

Grape expectations! Champagne vines given more room to grow as century-old rule demanding five-foot distance between plants is scrapped to cut emissions Champagne growers scrapped a rule governing the distancing between plants For 100 years, the maximum allowed has been 5ft to force the vines to compete But a study has found larger spaces would … Read more

Government’s spokesman says don’t rinse plates before dishwasher but No10 has a poor eco-rating 

Fix your carbon footprint first, Boris! As Government’s green spokesman says don’t rinse plates before using dishwasher, it emerges No10 Downing Street has a poor eco-rating Allegra Stratton advised public not to rinse dishes before using a dishwasher But the message has been somewhat diluted after it emerged that No10 itself has an especially poor carbon … Read more

AOC calls for ‘wartime’ effort to defeat climate change, pushes for taxpayer-funded ‘climate corps’

AOC calls for a ‘wartime mobilization’ to defeat climate change in announcement pushing a Civilian Climate Corps with 1.5million members that could cost taxpayers $10billion House and Senate Democrats pledged today that funding for a Civilian Climate Corps would be included in the upcoming budget reconciliation bill Majority Leader Schumer vowed to get the ‘biggest, … Read more

Giant butterfly thought to be extinct in Britain since 1960s has been found

Giant butterfly thought to be extinct in Britain since 1960s has been found breeding in the country again The Large Tortoiseshell, pictured, disappeared from woodlands in the 1960s Two groups of larvae have been discovered by conservationists on elm trees  Hoped they will produce two dozen butterflies – the UK’s first colony in 50 years  … Read more

Going veggie can harm the planet too, warns Countryfile presenter Adam Henson

Going veggie can harm the planet too, warns Countryfile presenter Adam Henson, who says vegetarians may be having a ‘disastrous’ impact on the environment with their choices Said that beef, sheep and dairy farmers are facing criticism on climate change People are being persuaded to go vegetarian or vegan by material online Henson said the … Read more

Tricky multiple choice quiz challenges you to answer 10 questions about climate change

Are YOU an eco-warrior? Multiple choice quiz will put your knowledge of environmental issues to the test New PlayBuzz quiz has put the nation’s knowledge of climate change to the test Multiple-choice challenge asks players to correctly answer ten questions  Creator is known for making factual quizzes and personality assessments By Latoya Gayle For Mailonline … Read more

North Dakota sues Biden administration over halt on oil and gas leases

North Dakota sues the Biden administration over order to stop oil and gas leases on public lands claiming it will lose $4BILLION State claims it would more than $4 billion in revenue this year if order resumes North Dakota is nation’s second-largest oil producer   Lawsuit says state already lost $82 million in two cancelled sales  … Read more

‘This is our one big shot’ AOC implores Biden not ‘be limited by GOP’ in legislative negotiations

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez blasted Joe Biden on Sunday for getting ‘limited’ by Republicans in infrastructure negotiations ‘In those areas where there is agreement, Republicans are more than welcome to join so that we can get this work on infrastructure done,’ Ocasio-Cortez told NBC’s Meet the Press host Chuck Todd on Sunday. ‘But that doesn’t mean the … Read more

Prince Charles is left chuckling after being presented with anti-wrinkle cream

The Prince of Wales promised to try a jar of anti-wrinkle cream made from honey, and share it with his wife, as he opened a new education centre for farmers wanting to adopt greener methods.  Prince Charles, 72, was presented with the gift yesterday as he toured FarmED in Oxfordshire which aims to show farmers … Read more

Eight climate change protesters are arrested outside Ted Cruz’s $2million Texas home

Eight climate change protesters are arrested outside Ted Cruz’s $2million Texas home after they refused to get off his lawn in hour-long standoff with police Around 70 members of the climate change activist Sunrise Movement staged a protest at Cruz’s Houston home on Monday  Police were called and negotiated with several demonstrators who refused to … Read more

More than HALF of Earth’s rivers and streams stop flowing periodically, study finds 

More than HALF of the 39million miles of rivers and streams on Earth stop flowing periodically or run dry for part of the year, study finds Researchers found that more than half of Earth’s rivers and streams stop flowing They are in all climates and continents, from Himalayan creeks to Saharan wadis Even longest river … Read more