Independent Dai Le REFUSES to support Labor’s climate change bill

The independent who’s NOT toeing Labor’s climate line: MP refuses to vote for carbon bill because it won’t help poor people Independent Dai Le has refused to support Labor’s climate change bill  She said she is more concerned about the cost of living in western Sydney  Ms Le beat Kristina Keneally to win the formerly … Read more

UK government to only publish seven of the 24 environmental indicators for England this year

Environmental campaigners have accused the UK government of ‘cowardice’, over its decision to publish less than a third of the metrics it uses to track the health of nature in England this year. Keeping a close eye on indicators of biodiversity is an essential part of monitoring and managing threats, like climate change. The Department for … Read more

Bill Gates pledges $20bn to his charitable foundation to help solve the world’s ‘big problems’

Bill Gates has pledged to donate $20billion to his charitable foundation so it can increase its annual spending and help solve the world’s ‘big problems’ and ‘reduce suffering’. In the face of global setbacks including the pandemic, the war on Ukraine and the devastating impact of climate change, Gates said he was making the donation … Read more

The Mail’s Planet Friendly Garden at Hampton Court festival features species that tackle pollution

Gardeners can have a dramatic effect on climate change by adopting small but significant changes to the way we garden. By planting trees, hedges and shrubs that are proven to store carbon, we can clean up the air and encourage a diverse range of wildlife in our urban spaces.  Simple practices like letting the grass … Read more

Cabinet Office has 700 civil servants working in Human Resources, audit finds

Revealed: Cabinet Office has 700 civil servants working in Human Resources alone – with the total even ‘alarming’ senior aids The Spectator found 700 civil servants working in HR in the Cabinet Office alone There are also 80 civil servants still working on Cop26 which ended in November  The Prime Minister ordered the Civil Service … Read more

Zali Steggall received $100,000 from coal investor John Kinghorn

How multimillionaire coal investor’s family donated $100,000 to Australia’s most famous climate change warrior Independent MP Zali Steggall handed $100,000 donation before 2019 election   The Trust is headed by former coal investor and multimillionaire John Kinghorn  By Charlie Moore, Political Reporter For Daily Mail Australia Published: 04:15 GMT, 14 February 2022 | Updated: 04:39 GMT, 14 … Read more

New climate change rules to outlaw any new-build conservatories that create ‘unwanted solar gain’ 

Why our conservatories are under threat: Sun traps could be on the way out as new climate change rules outlaw any new-builds that would create ‘unwanted solar gain’ Conservatories will soon need to show they don’t create ‘unwanted solar gain’ Regulation being brought in from June to apply to conservatories in new-builds  Policy part of … Read more

Retired engineer becomes first person in England to supply households with cheaper green energy

A retired engineer has become the first person in the country to supply local households with cheap green energy from his own wind turbine.  Pete Bailey, 69, provides 17 households with electricity from his 50kw turbine, which is located on his land in Salwayash near Bridport, Dorset, as part of a pioneering scheme. The renewable generator … Read more

Tony Blair warns the UK is heading for ‘lower league’ status

Tony Blair claims the UK is heading for ‘lower league’ status because Boris Johnson does not have a coherent plan for the long-term future of the nation as he delivers his first speech since backlash over his knighthood Tony Blair said there is a ‘gaping hole’ in Whitehall ‘where new ideas should be’ Ex-PM said … Read more

Fossil found in Melbourne suggests pig-nosed turtle arrived in Australia five million years ago

Bizarre endangered pig-nosed turtle thought to have arrived in Australia recently has been here at least FIVE MILLION years Five million-year-old pig-nosed turtle fossil found near Melbourne far from home The endangered species was thought to be only a few thousand years old Scientists say the find could rewrite the evolutionary history of pig-nosed turtles … Read more

Brighten the darkness: Banish winter blues with sweet fragrances and delicate colours 

Brighten the darkness: Banish winter blues with sweet fragrances and delicate colours Nigel Colborn says we have the mildest winters in Northern Europe  UK-based gardening expert recommends making the best of milder winters   Among winter perennials, flowers are appearing sooner and in greater numbers  By Nigel Colborn for the Daily Mail Published: 23:49 GMT, 21 … Read more

How green is YOUR home? Stats experts find smaller properties like flats are most energy efficient

How green is YOUR home? Stats experts find smaller properties like flats and maisonettes are more energy efficient than large detached and semi-detached houses – find out how yours fares The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has ranked homes in England and Wales  analysis found that homes in blocks are the most energy efficient Larger … Read more

Green leader of Brighton council is facing calls to quit after FLYING 460miles to COP26 summit

A Green council leader has apologised for a ‘major failure of judgement’ after flying from Brighton to COP26 – hours after criticising the government over climate change. Councillor Phelim Mac Cafferty, the leader of Brighton and Hove City Council’s Green group said he took the one hour and 20 minute jet because he was worried … Read more