Kate’s spot on – forest bathing CAN make you live longer

Last week, the Royal Hospital Chelsea looked more like an HS2 construction site than a centre of horticultural excellence as hundreds of landscape architects and gardeners battled to construct their creations in time for this year’s Chelsea Flower Show, which will be officially opened by the Queen tomorrow.  But amid all the high-vis jackets, steel-capped … Read more

UK Eurovision entry Michael Rice says he ‘smashed it’ despite coming last

British Eurovision entry Michael Rice has said he ‘absolutely f*****g smashed it, regardless of the result’ after coming last in the annual competition. Michael, 21, from Hartlepool, performed his song Bigger Than Us during the 64th edition of the song contest, which took place in Tel Aviv last night.  In a candid post on Instagram, … Read more

Lady Gabriella Windsor’s wedding was the most on-trend, label-literate of all the royal nuptials

We might be forgiven for thinking Royal Weddings are a bit like buses – none for years, then three almost at once – but the nuptials of Gabriella Windsor and Tom Kingston proved well worth the wait. The third royal wedding in the last year took place yesterday with Lady Gabriella marrying her financier boyfriend … Read more

Mystery woman who handed Meghan her bouquet of flowers inside St George’s Chapel is revealed

The mystery surrounding the woman who handed Meghan her flowers as she arrived at St George’s Chapel on her wedding day has been solved. To celebrate the Duke and Duchess’ first anniversary the royal couple posted a series of photos on Instagram, but many were baffled with who the woman was – that was wearing … Read more

Every baby in the UK could get the chickenpox vaccine

Government scientists are considering a national campaign to vaccinate all babies against chickenpox – almost a decade after they last looked at the possibility. While many consider the childhood illness a rite of passage – and for most it is relatively harmless – for a few it can lead to serious complications, including sepsis, pneumonia … Read more

Slouching could be GOOD for your back

Sit up straight! Stop slouching! It’s a familiar order barked at us since school days (stock image) Sit up straight! Stop slouching! It’s a familiar order barked at us since school days – and it remains the golden rule of how to sit. Whether it’s balancing a book on your head, or imagining a piece … Read more

Britain’s five-a-day obsession is triggering a frightening new allergy 

Britons are now chugging 898 million litres of fruit juices and smoothies each year, according to the British Soft Drinks Association (stock image) Walk down any suburban high street and you’ll see at least one slender gym-bunny clutching a brightly coloured fruit juice or smoothie. And these days, it’s not just exercise fiends who enjoy … Read more

‘My weight started to spiral’: Busy mother reveals how the 70/30 approach overhauled her health

A busy mother-of-two has revealed how turning to a meal delivery service has helped her keep track of her weight while still being able to treat herself. Whitney, known as The Wife Life on Instagram, from Australia participated in the Youfoodz 70/30 program for four weeks.  ‘Eating was my biggest downfall before starting this lifestyle … Read more

YouTube prankster kisses his MOTHER on camera

A YouTube prankster who shocked the internet when he passionately kissed his sister on camera in order to earn viral fame has returned with another horrifying and desperate video that sees him kissing his mother.  Chris Monroe, who is based in California and is known as PrankInvasion online, shared a video on his YouTube channel … Read more