Commons Speaker orders security review after Hancock CCTV leak

Sir Lindsay Hoyle has ordered a review of parliamentary security amid growing concerns among MPs in the wake of Matt Hancock‘s resignation following the leaking of CCTV footage.  The Commons Speaker said this afternoon that he had ‘directed senior officials to consider what implications there are for security arrangements’ in Parliament after the Whitehall leak.    … Read more

Ministers demand ‘urgent sweep’ of offices after Hancock CCTV leak

Ministers demand an ‘urgent sweep of all high-level government offices’ to see if they’re being filmed as MI5 ‘will discuss the leak of Matt Hancock CCTV footage with the Cabinet Office’ Cabinet ministers have demanded an urgent sweep of their offices for cameras Robert Buckland said ministers must have ‘safe space’ to read sensitive material  … Read more

Boris Johnson strikes compromise deal with Tory rebels on Brexit

Boris Johnson caved in to Tory rebels tonight over his controversial plans to tear up parts of the Brexit divorce deal in breach of international law, agreeing to give MPs more power to prevent it being used. No10 has agreed to amend the Internal Market Act to give the Commons an effective power of veto to … Read more

Boris Johnson ‘strikes compromise deal with Tory rebels on Brexit’

Boris Johnson has agreed a compromise deal with Tory rebels over his controversial plans to tear up parts of the Brexit divorce deal, it was claimed today.  The Prime Minister is said to have met with Conservative backbenchers who are concerned about his proposals to override the Withdrawal Agreement in his House of Commons office … Read more

EU chief says chances of Brexit trade deal ‘fading every day’

Ursula von der Leyen today warned hopes of the EU and UK agreeing a trade deal are fading with every passing day as tensions remain high over Boris Johnson’s plans to tear up parts of the Brexit divorce deal.   The President of the European Commission hit out at the Prime Minister’s proposals to override the … Read more

Robert Buckland hints at Brexit compromise to win over Tory rebels 

Justice Secretary Robert Buckland today hinted the Government could strike a compromise with Tory rebels over its plans to tear up parts of the Brexit divorce deal.  Ministers have admitted Boris Johnson‘s proposals to override parts of the Withdrawal Agreement would break international law, sparking a rebellion by Conservative backbenchers.  The rebels want Parliament to … Read more

Michel Barnier urges Boris Johnson to ‘stick to facts’ on Brexit

Michel Barnier today urged Boris Johnson to ‘stick to facts’ on Brexit as relations between the EU and UK further deteriorated over the Prime Minister’s plans to tear up parts of the Withdrawal Agreement.  The EU’s top negotiator said the two sides had agreed to a ‘delicate compromise’ last year and the bloc ‘could not … Read more

Justice Secretary Robert Buckland says PM’s Brexit plans are an ‘insurance policy’

Justice Secretary Robert Buckland today repeatedly dodged questions over whether he will resign if the Government goes ahead with its plans to break international law over Brexit.  Mr Buckland, who as Lord Chancellor has taken an oath to protect the rule of law, said Boris Johnson‘s proposals to tear up parts of the EU divorce … Read more

Lorraine Kelly details her struggle with suffering a miscarriage in candid post

Lorraine Kelly has detailed the pain of going through a miscarriage as she claimed it ‘never leaves you.’ The TV presenter, 60, took to Twitter on Tuesday to respond to a post by First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon, who shared the story of the country’s Justice Minister Humza Yousaf and his wife Nadia El-Nakla … Read more

Boris Johnson vows to crack down on climate anarchists

Boris Johnson vows to crack down on climate anarchists with tough new laws against mass protests as over 70 arrests are made following Extinction Rebellion demonstration Boris Johnson is drawing up plans for crackdown on climate change protests PM has consulted colleagues about drafting new public order laws after demo Mr Johnson may be strengthening … Read more

Lebanon’s president and PM were warned about chemical explosion in Beirut

Lebanon’s president and prime minister were warned last month that a stash of ammonium nitrate at the port of Beirut could destroy the city if it exploded, it has emerged.  Security officials wrote a letter on July 20 saying the industrial chemicals which had been idling in a warehouse since 2013 needed to be secured … Read more

Major security lapses exposed at ‘Nightingale’ court created to deal with coronavirus backlog

Major security lapses are exposed at ‘Nightingale’ court created to deal with the huge coronavirus backlog of cases The court in Prospero House, in London,  was set up to deal with Covid backlog Mail reporter was allowed to enter court one without going through the security  Security breach sparked inquiry by Her Majesty’s Courts and … Read more