Scientists say ‘forgotten’ coffee with superior flavour is climate change-proof

A ‘forgotten’ African species of coffee that grows at higher temperatures could save the coffee industry, scientists believe.  Coffea stenophylla from Sierra Leone can tolerate higher temperatures than Arabica, the world’s most popular coffee, according to climate change experts.  But the species also has a superior flavour, with notes of peach, blackcurrant, mandarin, chocolate, caramel and elderflower … Read more

Adorable baby dinosaur’s footprint is just 6cm long and is the smallest stegosaur print EVER found

Dino-mite find! Adorable baby dinosaur’s footprint discovered in China is just 6cm long and is the smallest stegosaur print EVER found Footprint was found in the Xinjiang Province in northwestern China by experts   It measures just 2.24 inches (5.7cm) long and is thought to belong to a stegosaur  Expect that the animal that made it was … Read more

Eerie image of glowing, red-eyed rat fetus wins prestigious science photography prize

A rat fetus with red, devilish eyes and glowing tissue has been named winner of a prestigious science photograph prize. Scientist Werner Zuschratter captured the embryo on its 21st day of development using a microscope that shoots images through a tiny pinhole to highlight contrasts and increase clarity.  Along with Zuschratter’s winning masterpiece, judges chose … Read more

Older adults are ‘most likely to make the effort to help others’, study shows

Generation generous: Older people are more likely than younger adults to put in effort to help strangers Researchers found older people were more willing to put in the physical effort When a task required more effort older adults were the more willing help others  ‘Prosocial’ behaviour – intended to benefit others – changes as people get older  … Read more

Engineers have created ‘the whitest paint yet’

Engineers in the US claim to have created ‘the whitest paint yet’ – which they say will help tackle global warming.   The ultra-white coating, developed at Purdue University in Indiana, reflects up to 98.1 per cent of sunlight while sending away infrared heat.  Currently, paints on the market designed to reject heat only reflect somewhere between 80 and … Read more

Facebook removes French town’s official page because of its ‘offensive’ name 

Below is Bitche Mayor Benoît Kieffer’s full statement translated from French. Facebook had censored our City of Bitche page. We have appealed and attempted to contact Facebook through various means, including through contact forms and private messages on the Facebook France page. On March 19, Facebook informed us that our Town of Bitche page was … Read more

Facebook is testing a video dating app called Sparked that cycles users through four-minute dates

Facebook is testing a video speed dating app that lets potential matches meet for four minutes to see ‘if sparks fly.’ Called Sparked, the service is described as ‘video dating with kind people’ and promises no swiping, no DMs and is free to use, but requires a Facebook profile to create an account, as first … Read more

Roads produce 84 PER CENT of plastic dust in the atmosphere

Roads and the vehicles using them are responsible for 84 per cent of microplastics found in the atmosphere, according to the results of a new study. Researchers from Utah State University examined different sources of atmospheric microplastic pollution found in the western US over a 14 month period. These microscopic pieces of plastic pollution are … Read more

People are more likely to donate to charity if they benefit in some way, study shows

No selfless act! People are more likely to donate money to charity if they think they’re benefitting THEMSELVES, study finds Researchers implemented a ‘statewide natural field experiment’ in Alaska, US They worded postcard adverts for charitable donations in two different ways  The one that emphasised selfish benefits was best at getting people to donate   By Jonathan Chadwick For … Read more

Exercise: Almost HALF of recreational runners injure themselves in a year, study finds 

Running injuries can affect anyone, from experienced runners who push themselves hard, to beginners whose muscles are not used to running. Below are 5 of the most common running injuries. Find out how to spot the symptoms, what causes the injuries, and what to do if you get one, including when to get medical help. … Read more

Yawning is contagious for lions, who synchronize their behaviors to help group cohesion

Some animals, including humans, will start yawning after someone else nearby yawns, and a new study suggests this ‘contagious yawning’ helps fuel group cohesion. Researchers observing lions in South Africa found the animals do not just mimic each other’s yawns, they would copy subsequent behaviors. If one lion yawned, then got up and moved somewhere … Read more