NASA’s planet-hunting satellite captures massive spontaneous outburst of a comet

NASA‘s exoplanet-hunting satellite captured the most complete and detailed observation of a comet’s spontaneous outburst in history. The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) recorded the moment ice and dust exploded from the comet 46P/Wirtanen in 2018 as it made its closest pass to Earth. The burst lasted for 20 days and ejected 2.2 million pounds … Read more

Apple may finally kill off its Lightning cables and replace them with wireless charging by 2021

Apple may be cutting the cord on charging by going completely wireless in 2021, analyst says Ming-Chi Kuo says Apple may make its transition away from the Lightning port The change has been expected for several years now but hasn’t materialized Kuo says the move will give users a ‘completely wireless’ experience  By James Pero … Read more

 SpaceX successfully launches Dragon for its 19th mission to the ISS carrying a 5,700-pound payload

SpaceX successfully launched the ‘Dragon’ capsule on top of its Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida for its 19th commercial resupply mission to the International Space Station. The craft took off at 12:29 PM Thursday carrying a 5,700-pound payload that includes genetically-edited ‘mighty-mice’ and Budweiser barley seeds. The Dragon safely deployed … Read more

Scientists develop ‘HYPER’ glue with ultra-strong bonds

Scientists develop a new type of ‘HYPER’ glue that creates ultra-strong bonds between materials at the molecular level and can’t be separated by human force New ‘hyper’ glue seals plastics with force stronger than any commercial glue Scientists made their glue from a new, stronger chemical reaction method New glue is being used in protective … Read more

Arsenic levels in rice could TRIPLE and cause ‘health concerns’ by 2100 due to global warming

Rising temperatures caused by global warming could cause the amount of arsenic in rice to triple by the end of the century, a new study warns.  The toxic chemical gathers naturally in the crop, and research has now proved that rising temperatures increase its presence in the grain.  Arsenic can cause significant health problems and … Read more

Baby Trump ‘bobble-head’ figurine is launched into space on a weather balloon

Baby Trump ‘bobble-head’ figurine is launched into space on a weather balloon in protest over the US president’s visit to the UK The ‘Baby Trump’ blimp was originally built to ‘mock’ the President Donald Trump It’s first outing was during a visit of President Trump to London in July 2018 The new protest involved sending … Read more

Arctic has warmed by 1.35°F in just a decade – as much as the rest of the planet in 137 years

Arctic has warmed up by 1.35 degrees Fahrenheit in just a decade – the same temperature increase that the rest of the planet has experienced in 137 YEARS, study claims The Arctic has warmed 1.35°F (around 0.75°C) in the last 10 years, scientists say The temperature rise is more than the whole of the Earth … Read more

Elm trees are making a comeback in Britain thanks to Dutch elm disease resistant breeds

Elm trees could make a comeback after dying in their millions during the 1970s when they were ravaged by disease. Varieties that are more resistant to Dutch elm disease have been identified and could be used to repopulate the country. The Future Trees Trust has found mature specimens around the country that have successfully resisted … Read more

Facebook risks becoming a ‘one-stop grooming shop’ with encrypted messages

Facebook risks becoming a ‘one-stop grooming shop’ if it presses ahead with plans to encrypt its messaging services, NSPCC warns End-to-end encryption on Facebook would bring greater privacy to messages But the NSPCC says this would give offenders a ‘place to lie in the shadows’ The children’s charity identified more than 4,000 child abuse instances … Read more

iPhone 11 can monitor your location even if you opt out – and the company know it’s happening 

Is Apple tracking you? iPhone 11 can monitor your location at all times even if you opt out – and the company KNOWS it’s happening iPhone 11 Pro running on iOS 13.2.3 found to tracker users even if they block it Apple’s policy says it sends locations of nearby Wi-Fi hotspots and cell towers (where supported … Read more

EU climate programme data shows last month was the joint-hottest November on record

Last month was the joint hottest November on record – on a par with temperatures seen in 2015 and 2016, data from EU’s Earth observation programme shows Last month was the joint hottest November along with 2015 and 2016  November 2019 was the sixth consecutive month to approach or break a record  The EU climate … Read more