Tommy’s: Mexican bar launches mouthwatering new banquets 

Spice up your next picnic: Mexican bar launches mouthwatering new banquets – complete with guacamole, wings, margaritas and eight tacos Tommy’s in Darlinghurst has launched Mexican picnic banquets in Sydney   The $199 hampers are designed to be shared by four and include six dishes  There is also a 700mL margarita bottle and eight tasty tacos … Read more

The Project: Sydney should have had a stricter lockdown sooner

‘Shut us the hell down’: The Project host says Sydney should have had a STRICTER lockdown sooner – and admits she’s ‘surprised’ Aussies are so resistant to staying at home By Mary Mrad and Jo Scrimshire For Daily Mail Australia Published: 22:06 BST, 7 July 2021 | Updated: 22:15 BST, 7 July 2021 The Project … Read more

Australia weather: Floods to continue for weeks but sunshine coming on Wednesday

There will be relief for millions of Australians from Wednesday as forecasters reveal heavy rainfall is not predicted for a week – but many have been warned flood risks are unlikely to abate. Floods not seen since the 1961 disaster have devoured hundreds of homes and forced thousands to evacuate between Sydney and Byron Bay after … Read more

Sydney man found not guilty of intentionally causing harm when pushing trolley into cyclists’s path

Drunk man accused of pushing a shopping trolley with his mate inside into the path of 40 cyclists travelling at nearly 50km/h is found NOT guilty Jack Maartensz, 26, was found not guilty of intentionally causing harm on Friday  Footage showed him push a trolley into path of cyclists, who tumbled to ground  He has … Read more

The Crown: Viewers spot big mistake on Prince Charles Australia trip

‘Costa Del Burley Griffin’: Eagle-eyed viewers spot a VERY crucial mistake in hit royal series The Crown as Prince Charles visits Australia – so did you spot the huge error? Netflix’s The Crown has left fans scratching heads over depiction of Australia Fans have said the shots of ‘Canberra’ look more like a sunny seaside … Read more

Sydney radio producer Jana Hocking ‘loves being wolf whistled at’

‘I adore being objectified’: Single radio producer, 36, reveals why she secretly loves being wolf whistled at by men in a ‘shameless’ confession A radio producer has confessed she secretly enjoys getting wolf whistled at Jana Hocking explained why she regards wolf whistling as a cheeky compliment  In 2016, actress Joanna Lumley defended wolf whistling as … Read more

Mia Freedman buys $12million Point Piper home after messy court battle over her old mansion

Media businesswoman Mia Freedman has purchased a luxurious $12.75million trophy home in a ritzy waterfront suburb overlooking Sydney Harbour after losing a court battle over an old mansion.  Freedman, also known by her married name Mia Lavigne, snapped up the home in Point Piper in Sydney’s eastern suburbs within weeks of it being listed on the … Read more

Home and Away’s Pia Miller leaves Sydney eyebrow salon

So that’s her secret! Pia Miller is seen leaving an exclusive eyebrow salon in Sydney’s eastern suburbs after moving into her new $7.8million home By Daily Mail Australia Reporter Published: 14:42 BST, 6 August 2020 | Updated: 15:16 BST, 6 August 2020 She’s known for her impeccable style, flawless beauty and penchant for the finer, … Read more

Anthony LaPaglia, 61, reveals what hotel quarantine in Melbourne was REALLY like

Actor Anthony LaPaglia has described the woeful conditions of hotel quarantine after returning to Australia from America.  Speaking to The Sunday Telegraph this week, the 61-year-old claimed the experience ‘surprisingly punitive’ in a less-than-pleasant review.   ‘No windows that opened at all for fresh air and a 15-minute walk every second day accompanied by a guard,’ … Read more

Anthony LaPaglia denies claims he was ‘dumped’ at the Novotel

Anthony LaPaglia has silenced claims he was ‘dumped’ out at the Novotel at Sydney’s Olympic Park for two weeks of hotel quarantine, after flying in from America. The Sydney Morning Herald’s Private Sydney alleged on Saturday that friends of the 61-year-old said he was ‘given anything but star treatment’.    In two Instagram posts later that … Read more

Big Brother Australia: Evicted housemates enjoy Sydney lunch

They’re currently in Sydney ahead of Big Brother’s live grand finale this week. And on Tuesday, some of the Channel Seven’s favourite housemates were spotted making the most of their time in The Emerald City. Dressed in a blue button-up shirt, Kieran Davidson, the show’s ‘mastermind’, decided to keep things smart casual as they went … Read more

Big Brother Australia: Ian Joass and housemates fly to Sydney

Big Brother’s Ian Joass sits on the FLOOR of the airport after flying into Sydney with housemates Hannah Campbell and Casey Mazzucchelli ahead of the show’s finale By Marta Jary For Daily Mail Australia Published: 15:31 BST, 20 July 2020 | Updated: 00:31 BST, 21 July 2020 Big Brother Australia stars Ian Joass, Casey Mazzucchelli and … Read more