Woman left outraged after Australia Post worker threw package up her stairs

Is this the laziest postie in Australia? Obnoxious moment delivery man throws young woman’s package onto her balcony instead of climbing two flights of stairs Australia Post customer criticised her postie for ‘disrespecting’ her mail Postie was filmed tossing her parcel up staircase instead of delivering the mail Video was shared on TikTok with some … Read more

Aboriginal artist claims describing indigenous Australians as ‘black’ is racist

Aboriginal artist says describing indigenous Australians as ‘black’ is RACIST but ‘blak’ is fine Katerina Roe and some other Aboriginal artists use ‘Blak’ to self identify instead The term is intentionally misspelled to reclaim the word from white people Indigenous artist Destiny Deacon first began using the word as far back as 1991  By Miriah … Read more

Fan yells homophobic slur at Patrick Mahomes’ littler brother, Jackson, during win over Broncos

The TikTok star brother of Kansas Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes was hit by anti-gay chants of ‘Ma-homo’ while filming a dancing clip at the sidelines of a recent game.   Jackson Mahomes, 21, was subjected to homophobic chants during Kansas City’s 28-24 victory over the Broncos in Denver, Colorado, on January 8. In a video shared … Read more

Bride stuns wedding guests by CUTTING hair between ceremony and reception, gives herself new look

A bride completely stunned her wedding guests by cutting her hair in between the ceremony and the reception — giving herself a shocking new look.   Alyssa Welch, a hairstylist from Columbus, Georgia, decided to chop off most of her locks right after tying the knot, and her friends and family were certainly surprised by the … Read more

Gut-wrenching moment man falls onto train tracks after being pepper-sprayed and tasered by police

Terrifying moment man wrestling with police falls on to train tracks after ‘being pepper-sprayed’ and shot with a taser on New Year’s Eve Gut-wrenching moment a man is pepper-sprayed and tasered on a train platform Man is seen stumbling towards the edge as two police officers try to contain him Commuters were shocked seeing the … Read more

Can you spot what’s unusual about this pink clay mask packaging?

Can you spot what’s unusual about this pink clay mask packaging? Eagle-eyed women spot something VERY suspicious about the $60 buy Australian baker Tegan ‘Tigga’ Maccormack is known for creating lifelike cakes  In her latest TikTok she confused thousands after slicing into a jar of ‘skincare’  She recreated the $60 Sara Skin refining pink clay … Read more

Three-year-old girl gets her bottom stuck in a toy bucket [Video]

‘Charlotte, are you a turtle?’: Hilarious moment three-year-old girl gets her bottom stuck in a toy bucket Mischievous three-year-old gets bottom stuck in toy bucket until father frees her Charlotte Hergert was compared to a ‘turtle’ whilst she crawled along the floor  Footage, filmed in Gresham, Oregon on November 27, has had over 4.7m views By … Read more

McDonald’s row erupts in south-western Sydney restaurant as worker and customer caught on camera

Outrageous row erupts at McDonald’s between a FURIOUS worker and customer in front of shocked diners Footage captured customer and McDonald’s worker arguing at a store in Sydney Customer tells the worker to ‘suck a ****’ before staff tell him to leave the store Social media users were quick to defend worker after video uploaded … Read more