Top Chinese leaders fled to a classified resort to avoid coronavirus at the height of the outbreak

Top Chinese leaders fled to a secret resort to avoid coronavirus at the height of the outbreak, report reveals A Hong Kong paper said that officials retreated to secret villas amid outbreak   The tightly guarded Jade Spring Hill is billed as China’s ‘political back garden’  The public are banned from entering the hideaway on the … Read more

EU officials ‘watered down report on China’s coronavirus fake news campaign under pressure’

The EU is accused of watering down a report on China‘s coronavirus disinformation campaign after Beijing pressured the bloc, according to media reports. The New York Times and South China Morning Post say they have obtained the initial copies of a European report published on Friday which carefully documents how rogue states are pushing ‘fake … Read more

US lawyers sue China for TRILLIONS of dollars as they accuse Beijing of coronavirus negligence

Lawyers in the US have launched a landmark legal action to sue China for trillions of dollars over the coronavirus pandemic, accusing its Communist leaders of negligence for allowing the outbreak to erupt and then covering it up.  The class action, which involves thousands of claimants from 40 countries including Britain and the US, was … Read more

The coronavirus facts China wants the world to forget

China‘s official news agency has released a coronavirus timeline to hit back at accusations that Beijing tried to cover up the full scale of the outbreak. State-run Xinhua said that the timeline, published on Monday, proved how the country ‘has shared information and advanced international cooperation’ in the fight against the killer bug. The 37-page … Read more

China’s toxic lackey: The head of the WHO stands accused of putting lives at risk

The Great Hall of the People has held many historic events since it was built six decades ago as a symbol of Communist Party power, ranging from the pomp of state funerals to a giant banquet during Richard Nixon’s famous 1973 visit. So as deaths started to spiral in China from coronavirus and fear grew … Read more