This weekend Australians can get their old clothes picked up in an Uber and delivered to the Red Cross for free

Spring cleaning your wardrobe is one thing but finding the time to donate unwanted and unworn clothing is a whole other chore. 

Thankfully Uber and Red Cross are making to easier for Aussies to donate their bags of pre-loved clothing to those in need. 

The Red Cross Clothing Drive is back and offering Uber Package trips to deliver donated items to the nearest Red Cross shop completely free of charge. 

On Saturday October 21 between 9am and 4pm, users can jump on the Uber app, book a package trip to their local Red Cross and donate their unwanted clothing without leaving their home. 

The offer is available to those living in Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth

The Red Cross Clothing Drive is happening on October 21. Uber will offer free package trips so Aussies can send their pre-loved clothing to their nearest Red Cross store (stock image)

The ‘Cost of Giving’ report reveals that as a nation, Australians are sitting on a goldmine of pre-loved clothes, which could be donated to raise valuable funds to support people and communities through crises. 

With frequent weather disasters happening across Australia where families are losing their belongings donations are needed more than ever however 82 per cent of Aussies admit to procrastinating dropping off their used clothing for up to three months.

With many feeling the pinch due to the cost of living crisis almost half (48 per cent) of Aussies have said financial constraints have impacted their charitable donations.

However giving away pre-loved clothing is both a cost-effective way to make a difference and ensure old garments don’t end up in landfill.  

On average Australians have $952 worth of clothing sitting unused in their wardrobes and 97 per cent of Aussies admit to owning clothing that hasn’t been worn in the past year. 

Fashion Stylist, Alex van Os gave some of her tips and tricks to make your wardrobe spring clean easier. 

She recommended making a declutter date to set aside time to sort though your clothes and even invite a friend to help.

‘Think ‘capsule’. Focus on keeping items that are versatile. Invest in pieces that are true to your personal style and that can be mixed and matched for different looks,’ Alex added. 

The fashionista said to follow the ‘one year rule’ and let go anything you haven’t worn in the past 12 months. 

Fashion Stylist, Alex van Os (pictured) gave some of her tips and tricks to make your wardrobe spring clean easier

Fashion Stylist, Alex van Os (pictured) gave some of her tips and tricks to make your wardrobe spring clean easier

‘Remember clothes are made to be worn and someone else will love wearing it,’ she said. 

If you’re torn about keeping or donating an item, Alex suggested trying it on to see if it still fits and makes you feel ‘fabulous’ wearing it. 

‘If it doesn’t and it’s still in great condition, it’s time to part ways and donate,’ she said. 

Alex reminded donors to make sure clothing intended for the Red Cross are still in good condition for someone else to wear.

‘Red Cross is on the lookout for high-quality, saleable clothing and accessories so if it’s something you’d happily give to a friend due to its quality, it’s definitely something Red Cross would appreciate,’ she said.