Yuna brings her Asia Tour to Kuching

Yuna will perform in Kuching, Sarawak, as part of her Yuna Asia tour on October 27

RENOWNED singer-songwriter Yuna is set to perform in Kuching, Sarawak, on Oct 27 as a part of her Yuna Asia tour. Organised by RK LiveAsia and Icon Entertainment, the concert is scheduled to take place at Hikmah Exchange, signifying her shift in Malaysian concert focus from the Klang Valley to Sarawak’s capital.

According to a statement released by the organisers, Yuna takes her music to every corner of the world and Kuching folk will have a rocking good time and will receive an extraordinary response, thanks to the powerful image and hold Yuna has on the local music scene.

“This is Yuna, as a special woman with a big heart who takes her works of art to every corner of the world, we believe Kuching will witness an incredible performance by her,” the concert organisers said in a statement.

The “Yuna Asia Tour” stop in Kuching will undoubtedly provide Yuna and her fans, who miss seeing her perform in Malaysia, with unforgettable moments. After several successful years in the music industry, the Kedah-born artist has had numerous highlights in her career, including musical collaborations with notable figures like Usher and Jay Park.

The concert coincides with the release of Yuna’s fifth album, Y5. The 37-year-old singer assures her fans of an entertaining performance featuring her popular hits in English and Malay, such as Hello, Dan Sebenarnya, Rescue, Terukir Di Bintang, and her latest single, Masih Sunyi.

The Yuna Asia tour will also take place in Tokyo, Japan, on Monday and in Singapore on Wednesday. Tickets for the concert have been available since Oct 2, with prices starting at RM250. For further details about the “Yuna Asia Tour,” visit