BTS drops songs list for new album Proof

EXCITING news for all the BTS Army! The K-pop boy band has revealed the official song or track list for their upcoming anthology album Proof, which is set to release next month on June 10. The much-anticipated new album encompasses a collection of songs from BTS’s journey since their debut nine years ago, and three … Read more

LE SSERAFIM’s Garam focus of bullying claims

HYBE Label’s first girl group LE SSERAFIM recently debuted with the track Fearless, but all netizens have been talking about is whether one of its members, Kim Garam, was a bully in school. In recent weeks, allegations against the singer have been made, with alleged videos and other items as proof. Kim’s agency Source Music … Read more

LEGO Optimus Prime set to arrive in June

LEGO Optimus Prime set to arrive in June TRANSFORMERS fans can now look forward to getting their hands on a LEGO set featuring Optimus Prime, the beloved leader of the Autobots, which is scheduled to arrive in June. LEGO’s collaboration with Transformers will allow fasn to create Optimus Prime from the set, which comprises 1,508 … Read more

Aespa named one of TIME’s Next Generation Leaders

K-POP girl group aespa has been selected as one of TIME magazine’s Next Generation Leaders for 2022, with an article titled “How K-Pop Group aespa is Making the Metaverse Their Home”. The prestigious list highlights the rising younger generation from different fields, poised to shape the future and build a better world. Aespa is the … Read more

Let’s go hiking!

MALAYSIA, especially the Klang Valley, has an abundance of nature spots, hills, mountains, and waterfalls, and it’s never hard to find a perfect hiking destination. There is nothing quite like hiking adventures. Climbing up the mountains, hikers get to discover rare species of birds, butterflies, insects, and wild plants along the rocky path or steep … Read more

Can we Save the Soil?

A movement initiated by Indian yogi Sadhguru to increase soil organic matter is catching on around the world DID it ever cross your mind that the very soil in which we plant fruit trees and vegetables can go extinct? A long time ago, some vegetables and fruits could only grow at a particular place and … Read more

Fashionable headscarves

Here is a selection of the best trendy and timeless headscarves made by local artists and designers In Malaysia, various tudung brands online are selling their own designer collections with different styles, materials, colours and designs, but what makes a label stand out from the rest is creativity and beauty. An impeccable design is one … Read more

Gugudan’s Soyee leaving music for acting

FORMER Gugudan member Soyee, 26, is starting a new journey into acting. Gugudan’s one-time main vocalist has signed an exclusive contract with Noah Entertainment as an actress and she is expected to get involved actively in the broadcast, acting, and music fields. It was also announced that Soyee will be using her real name – … Read more