Ukrainian fan launches bid to get Boris Johnson citizenship so he can lead Zelensky’s government

Petition for Boris Johnson to be made PM… in Kyiv: Ukrainian fan launches bid to get him citizenship so he can lead Zelensky’s government Thousands of people have signed petition to make Boris Johnson Ukraine’s PM Johnson remains cult figure in Kyiv for vocal support of Ukraine during its war If 25,000 signatures are reach … Read more

Anthony Albanese fires up at his trip to Ukraine being compared with Scott Morrison:

Anthony Albanese has blasted critics who have questioned his series of overseas trips after he was branded ‘Airbus Albo’ for spending one-third of his time in power overseas since winning the election. He returned on Monday from a nine-day trip to Europe where he was invited to the NATO summit followed by meetings with French President … Read more

Durham schoolboy who wrote President Zelensky receives a reply saying his letter made him smile

Durham schoolboy, 12, who wrote Ukrainian President Zelensky receives a reply saying his letter brought a smile to his face Thomas Handley, 12, received a reply to a letter he sent to President Zelensky He wrote to the Ukrainian leader saying that he hoped they would ‘beat Russia’ President Zelensky thanked him and said his … Read more

Experts laugh off Kremlin’s amateurish ‘deepfake’ video of Zelensky ‘surrendering’

An amateurish deepfake video of Volodymyr Zelensky surrendering to Russia has been laughed off by experts. The clip shows the Ukrainian president speaking from his lectern as he calls on his troops to lay down their weapons and give in to Putin’s invading forces. The deepfake has been widely circulated on Russian social media and … Read more

Viral clip of Volodymyr Zelensky discussing Ukraine’s EU membership in 2017 resurfaces

A viral video of Volodymyr Zelensky discussing Ukraine‘s membership of the EU with a fictional Angela Merkel has resurfaced days after the President issued a call for global leaders to accelerate his country’s ascension into the European Union. In the clip from a satire series in 2017, Zelensky is called by the then-German Chancellor who … Read more

Russia-Ukraine latest: President Zelensky signs request for Ukraine to join the EU ‘immediately’

President Zelensky has signed a request for Ukraine to join the EU ‘immediately’ as troops withstand a fierce Russia onslaught but Brussels’ officials warn the process to join the block takes years.   EU officials dampened Ukraine’s hopes that suddenly becoming part of the European club could help it better weather the Russian onslaught and speed … Read more