Ex-Greens senator Lidia Thorpe backtracks on dating ex-bikie and said they only kissed once

Teary-eyed Greens defector Lidia Thorpe backtracks on her admission she was dating a ‘bikie’ – claiming the pair only shared ‘one kiss’ at Invasion Day protest Lidia Thorpe backtracks on dating bikie She claimed they only shared ‘one kiss’  ‘I had no relationship with that person’ By Dominic Giannini For Australian Assocated Press Published: 09:47 … Read more

Dianne Feinstein, 89, not running for re-election

Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein told reporters on Tuesday that she had not ‘released anything’ about retiring from Congress after her office put out a statement announcing this was her last term. ‘I haven’t made that decision. I haven’t released anything,’ she told reporters when asked about her emailed statement. When a staffer mentioned the earlier announcement, … Read more

Top GOP advisor accuses Trump of ‘giving away seats’ in Congress

Top GOP advisor accuses Trump of ‘giving away seats’ in Congress: ‘We ended up with some knuckleheads who were endorsed’ by the ex-president Top GOP strategist Karl Rove blamed the ‘quality of candidates’ endorsed by Donald Trump for Democrats avoiding a ‘red tsunami’ in the 2022 midterms  He said the former president ‘gave away seats’ … Read more

Joe Biden is confident the Supreme Court will approve his plan for student loan forgiveness

A day ahead of the Georgia Senate runoff election, President Biden re-emphasized his promise to reduce the ‘enormous debt’ for students who graduated with student loans – and insisted it will overcome ongoing legal challenges. ‘There’s a whole lot of people affected and we’re confident on the law,’ Biden said during an interview on the … Read more

Albo’s national anti-corruption ICAC watchdog to be set up within months after passing parliament

Anthony Albanese’s Christmas present to Australia… or is it a lump of coal? PM’s ‘national ICAC’ PASSES Parliament and will be set up in a matter of months – here’s why critics aren’t happy Landmark National Anti-Corruption Commission legislation has finally passed Watchdog will be up and running early in the new years after passing … Read more

Republicans now call for the SENATE leadership elections to be delayed

A number of Senate Republicans are publicly calling for next week’s leadership election to be delayed, as it’s still up in the air which party will control the upper chamber.  Georgia is already headed for an early December runoff, while votes are still being counted in Arizona and Nevada.  Republicans’ most likely path to the … Read more

MIDTERMS 2022: Dow rises 330 points as US economy and investors await midterm results

Wall Street embraced the prediction of a red wave ahead of Tuesday’s midterms, with the Dow increasing for the third consecutive day after months of depressed rhetoric and recession fears.  Soon after the opening bell, the Dow rose 115 points, or 0.35 percent, to 32,953. The S&P 500 gained 0.34 percent and the Nasdaq Composite ticked … Read more

Joe Biden arrives in Bali for G20 summit and a pivotal meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping

President Joe Biden landed in Bali on Sunday evening ahead of a meeting with President Xi Jinping on Monday, after telling Asian leaders that the US’s lines of communication with China would stay open to prevent conflict. He arrived for a G20 summit on the Indonesian island – his third major summit in a round-the-world foreign policy … Read more

Karine Jean-Pierre says Biden still believes democracy is ‘under threat’

‘One election will not change that’: Karine Jean-Pierre says Biden STILL believes democracy is ‘under threat’ despite the Democrats’ surprise midterms night White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said that President Joe Biden still believes democracy is still under threat  ‘The president has been very clear that … he believes our democracy is still under … Read more

Jacinta Price tells Penny Wong Australia does not need a First Nations Ambassador

Outspoken conservative Senator Jacinta Price and Foreign Affairs Minister Penny Wong have clashed in Parliament over a plan to appoint an ambassador to represent Australia’s Aboriginal people on the world stage.  During a tense showdown at a Senate Estimates hearing this week, the Country Liberal Party MP told Ms Wong that as an Indigenous person … Read more

2022 MIDTERMS: Marco Rubio BEATS Democrat Val Demings in major Florida Senate race 

BREAKING NEWS: Marco Rubio BEATS Democrat Val Demings in major Florida Senate race Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio was able to fend off a challenge from Democratic Representative Val Demings for his Senate seat Demings was attempting to unseat Rubio and turn a Florida Senate seat blue  Rubio was ahead of Demings by 1 million … Read more

Rick Scott says GOP has path to 55 Senate seats in the midterm elections with polls on a knife-edge 

Senior Republican Rick Scott offered an optimistic assessment of his party’s chances in midterm Senate elections on Thursday, saying the G.O.P. could win 55 seats on its way to taking back the chamber. It puts the head of the Senate Republicans’ campaign arm at odds with Mitch McConnell, the party’s leader in the chamber, who … Read more

Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy, 82, breaks his hip and will undergo surgery after taking a fall

Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy, 82, breaks his hip: One of the oldest members of Congress to undergo surgery after falling in his Virginia home Patrick Leahy, 82, fell at his Virginia home Wednesday evening and broke his hip His office said that the break requires him to undergo surgery Thursday morning Leahy is the fifth … Read more