Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy, 82, breaks his hip and will undergo surgery after taking a fall

Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy, 82, breaks his hip: One of the oldest members of Congress to undergo surgery after falling in his Virginia home Patrick Leahy, 82, fell at his Virginia home Wednesday evening and broke his hip His office said that the break requires him to undergo surgery Thursday morning Leahy is the fifth … Read more

Mo Brooks forces runoff in GOP primary for Alabama Senator after Trump pulled his endorsement

The Alabama Senate race will advance to a runoff between Rep. Mo Brooks and Katie Britt, the former chief of staff for outgoing Sen. Richard Shelby.  Britt was 15 points ahead of Brooks, but failed to capture 50 percent of the vote, triggering a runoff election on June 16.  With over 95 percent of the … Read more

Dr Oz. mocks David McCormick for being a ‘finance bro’ in new ad

The White House wrote a letter Wednesday to both Dr. Mehmet Oz and Herschel Walker – both of whom are running as Republicans for Senate this year – on behalf of President Joe Biden, demanding they resign from the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition or be fired. Oz, 61, is the former host of a … Read more

Australia Post hands out $170k bonuses for some of its highest paid staff 

Australia Post hands out $170k bonuses for some of its highest paid staff – and they’re paid for by YOU More than $170,000 in bonuses were given to highly paid Australia Post staff The Senate’s estimate committee heard one senior executive was paid $500k Australia Post defended payments as ‘short-term incentives’ rather than bonuses Payments … Read more

Virginia’s Republican Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears uses high heel to bring state Senate to order

Bringing government to heel! Virginia’s Republican Lt. Gov Winsome Sears uses her patent leather STILETTO to bring state Senate to order after prankster stole gavel Virginia’s new Republican Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears used her patent leather high heel to bring the state Senate to order Monday A prankster stole her gavel and hid it ‘One … Read more

Schumer’s daughters work in big tech while Senate pursues antitrust bills

Chuck Schumer faces questions about conflicts of interest as it’s revealed his daughters work at Amazon and Facebook while Senate pursues antitrust bills Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s two adult daughters work for ‘big tech,’ raising questions about whether he has conflicts of interest  The New York Post reported Tuesday that Jessica Schumer is a … Read more

David Perdue joins lawsuit seeking to prove he and Trump were cheated out of election victories

David Perdue is joining a lawsuit with President Trump seeking to prove they were both cheated out of victory, nearly a year after their losses in the Peach State.   The suit comes just days after Perdue, a former Senator who lost reelection this year, announced he will challenge GOP Gov. Brian Kemp in the 2022 … Read more

Kyrsten Sinema says she’s surprised when people call her an ‘enigma’ and says inflation is a worry

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, a Democratic centrist who has been a thorn in President Biden’s big spending agenda, on Friday said surging inflation justified her opposition and that she was baffled by critics who said her intentions were opaque.   ‘No one tells me what to do,’ she told the Washington Post in an interview. She laid … Read more

Pete Buttigieg defends his paternity leave as ‘time to do joyful work’

Pete Buttigieg defends his paternity leave as ‘time to do joyful work’ and says the best way to fix supply chain issues is to ‘end the pandemic’ at briefing celebrating the $1.2T infrastructure plan becoming ‘law of the land’ By Geoff Earle, Deputy U.S. Political Editor For Published: 14:38 EST, 8 November 2021 | … Read more

Democrats increase the IRS ‘snooping’ account threshold from $600 to $10,000 – GOP says not enough

Senate Democrats came to an agreement on Tuesday to increase the threshold on their IRS ‘snooping’ plan from $600 to $10,000 in aggregate account flow, but Republicans said it would still invade the privacy of millions of Americans.  Under the revised policy, accounts with $10,000 or more in total deposits and withdrawals, excluding wage income, … Read more

Democratic Senator Krysten Sinema will head to the White House for her fourth meeting in two days

Arizona Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema heads back to the White House Wednesday for her fourth meeting in just two days – as progressive lawmakers blast her for holding up the party’s social and economic agenda. Sinema is one of two Senate Democrats, along with West Virginia‘s Joe Manchin, who are the targets of intensive White … Read more

Runaway Texas Democrats bringing in reinforcements to DC for their voting rights pressure campaign

More than 100 state legislators started flying into Washington, D.C. on Monday to join the runaway Texas Democrats in their pressure campaign on the federal government to address voting rights issues across the country. The ‘week of action’, they are calling it, attempts to urge senators to forgo their August recess to instead pass the … Read more

Biden is spending $2B to halt border wall construction as thousands of migrants cross every day

REVEALED: President Biden is spending more than $2 billion to halt border wall construction as thousands of migrants flood into the US every day President Joe Biden has spent around $2 billion in six months to suspend border wall construction, a new Republican congressional report found  The report states the administration is spending $3 million … Read more